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January 30, 2011 / WEA Notts

The impact of professional values

As teachers we are judged against the LLUK Professional Standards and as members of the IfL we are bound by its Code of Practice, but in the classroom our own values and judgements will still impact on the teaching and learning that takes place.

What are the teaching qualities that we believe to be important? What kind of learning environment do we want to create? More fundamentally, what do we believe is the purpose of education and what is the teacher’s role in the process of learning?

In the previous post I talked about my belief that lifelong learning is important, and the aspect of this that I think I value the most, is the role that adult education can play in building self-esteem. The pleasure I get from teaching doesn’t come from instilling a learner’s head full of facts, it comes from helping them to learn about themselves and the growth in confidence that this usually brings.

How does this impact on the teaching and learning that takes place? Perhaps the impact is that I have a tendancy to focus a little more attention on the personal development aspects of my courses, within the time constraints allowed by the curriculum. Also, that where I can, I make time to look at various aspects of active citizenship and how to get involved in democracy if it fits within the context of a course, as this is another area that I believe lifelong learning should play a role in.


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